Is your vehicle running rough? Difficult to start? Slow to accelerate? Your engine may be in need of maintenance, or Kwik Kar’s diagnostic tune-up service. Protect your investment by making sure proper maintenance is performed and your warranty will remain intact.


From much-needed tune-ups and inspections to serpentine belt installation or simple radiator cap replacement, Kwik Kar can diagnose a problem under your hood and provide the applicable service. The engine maintenance our technicians can perform will ensure that your vehicle follows the specifications in the owner’s manual. 


If the check engine light illuminates, it will either blink or remain constantly illuminated, depending on the problem. A blinking light indicates a problem that needs immediate attention. Either way, you should have the vehicle checked by a mechanic. A car diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle. Kwik Kar technicians will scan your vehicle’s onboard computer, document any diagnostic trouble codes, and check for service notifications issued by your vehicle’s manufacturer.