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Apart from your vehicle’s brakes and tires, windshields, wipers, and lighting account for much when it comes to safe traveling. Whether it’s repairing/replacement a damaged windshield, installing new wiper blades, or inspecting/testing/replacing the lamps (turn signals, hazards, reverse lights, brake/tail lights, interior lights) on your vehicle, Kwik Kar technicians have you covered. 


The effects of sunlight, ozone and oxidation cause the rubber blade of your wipers to deteriorate. Also, as windshields age, they get pitted from road debris, dirt and sand, and this causes wiper blades to wear faster. A Kwik Kar technician visually inspects your blades each time you come in for a Full Service Oil Change. You’ll also be asked how your wiper blades are working. If they need replacement, new wiper blades will be installed.


When headlights and other bulbs are working properly, they can reduce the chances of an accident by helping to ensure that your vehicle is easily visible and your intentions to turn, stop, or signal a hazard are clearly known. That’s why, when they break or lose their brightness over time, it’s important to replace them. Kwik Kar can help you get back on the road quickly and safely.